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Why my life is way more interesting since I left Canada…


Yes, I admit, that’s a bold statement. Living in North America, we have it easy, really.

Life is pretty much on autopilot, both the U.S. & Canada are leading immigrant countries and continue to be because of our welcoming society that even with it’s quirks and hickups that may be there, we do have one of the highest standards of living, a huge landscape of super beautiful places to visit both in nature and it’s vastness,
North America has it all….

Or does it? That is why I’m here, I grew up on the west coast of Canada and woke up to seeing the coastal mountains everyday, ski hills, lakes, rivers (that nobody thinks twice about swimming in) and of course the sea and beach being just 1/2 to an hr away depending on where you’re coming from.

The Chinese nicknamed Vancouver; “Gold Mountain”, The name “Gold Mountain” was initially applied to California. In the latter part of the 19th century, however, British Columbia also became known as: “Gold Mountain” following the discovery of gold in the Fraser Canyon in the 1850s with the immigration of Chinese settlers in British Columbia.

Where is my Gold Mountain? It’s in Shanghai, China. The opportunities to learn every single day something new daily, network with people, meet new friends and go to
places I can only dream about have come true in just 2 short months.

So far, I’ve met at least 1 new business person every day since I’ve been here,
I’ve seen not the same thing twice and walked around Shanghai and still
enjoy getting lost, it’s such an exciting city!

Last week, I was in the ancient capital of Xi’an (home of the Terra Cotta Warriors) and Tienjen. Would have never thought of finding myself with such high caliber people and cool places in such short time.

China sure is the new bohemian capital, the coolest place to be, right now.

Make Money Abroad with Generous Serviced Apartment Commissions


I will teach you how to take advantage of the fastest growing sector of the hospitality industry

Did you know that:

  1. You can receive up to one month commission for successfully introducing a client?
  2. The average rental amount in Shanghai China is over $5,000 USD a month?
  3. Most clients are other expatriates from the US, Canada and Western Europe?
  4. The serviced apartment industry has grown to over $800 billion?
  5. Corporations like Google and Microsoft have up to 100 executives and staff in one city alone
  6. Shanghai China has over 100,000 serviced apartment rooms in total! Each paying commissions to agents.
  7. You can partner with local agents and get paid for introducing your friends?
  8. You can make a blog in a niche and easily get clients to introduce?
  9. Many clients refer friends to helpful agents

Is Making Money Abroad a “get rich” scam?!?


Uh, no. Is earning a living in the US or Canada “a scam”?  Earning a living, paying your bills, or building a company is all about succeeding.  Being a producer.  A provider.  A do-er.  In our first series, “Serviced Apartment Secrets” we will teach you every aspect of making a living overseas. Either off-line or online starting a business or working as an employee every aspect in every way of looking at making money outside your home country.

I will teach you how to set up the company and integrate both the online portion CRM accounting to your website with either WordPress autoresponder, email sequences and newsletters picking your niche. I will also help you evaluate markets abroad to see where your skills can be used to build the business in this new environment. I will help you to map out the current market as it relates to your skills and how to get how to see opportunities that you likely wouldn’t have seen on your own.

We will analyze, in depth, the history of North American’s going abroad and the sheer futility of much of their experiences.  We will also analyze the successes and failures of businesses abroad, see why they happened, how they picked up the pieces and figure out what we can use from their successes and failures.

We look at many different people that are successful overseas, a few failures and analyze in-depth how they became this way, what they did right, what they did wrong and from a hard-core insider’s perspective that you never see.

You will get opportunities to ask questions in our webinars and we will help you evaluate not just from a theoretical perspective but from a hands-on real-time right now, entrepreneurs perspective.

I will teach you how to take your existing knowledge and skills and sharpen them, even if you’re not the head programmer at Google! We will look at different business models both online and off-line and sales oriented. We’ll be using some of the latest technology tools, some available for free, others will be at a very low cost. Most importantly, I want to help you take your off-line skills, your people skills, your business skills, networking skills and your sales skills, to use them effectively in building a legitimate business overseas.

Why doesn’t anyone teach me how to make money abroad?


So, I looked 1 million times online at different websites telling me how I can live overseas and I can live on the beach, I can go to the mountains, I can win a dance contest in Rio de Janeiro, I can do just about everything!
Except make money….

Really, I’m not kidding, there’s something for everyone. There are dance lessons, courses on on how to appreciate the history of different places, how to properly exchange business cards in China, how to bow in Japan (a 45 degree bow is not always needed), how to say different words in different languages.

There’s even classes on a how to dress properly in Islamic countries, there’s how to dress for business, business etiquette courses, cooking courses, how to retire overseas,
there is how to spend money, there’s how to spend as little money as possible…

But there’s one huge gaping hole, that is the basic topic of: “How to make a living abroad”….
A little backgrounder on me, I’ve been successfully making a living abroad for 23 years in Asia.
I have been a very successful recruiter in Tokyo, an investment banker and entrepreneur
in both Japan & China. I am fluent in Chinese, Japanese and can get by in Swedish.

I created this blog as a testiment to that as well as I hope that I can
pass on my skils to you, in less time, without waiting 23 years to do it and yes,
It makes me feel good to give back.

I know about all the doubters and naysayers, like the one that says:
Yeah she can’t make money abroad! Ha, ha…

Yes, that’s where I come in, I’m here to change that for you, working abroad is not a pipe dream,
it’s the real deal, not impossible and I’m not here to tell you pack of lies either,
it’s not going to be a pushbutton-auto-pilot-system.

My system is more than that.

You can take your knowledge, your skills and use them overseas. Whether you’re a highly skilled technical person and sufficiency in IT, or a low-tech person with perhaps a high degree of people skills, sales skills, business skills and life experience. These things are very valuable and in some cases much more valuable abroad than where you live currently. You won’t believe the opportunities overseas that is just waiting for you and most likely haven’t even dreamed about are just within reach.

You’ll meet the players, the people who succeeded and the one’s that didn’t. I’ll teach you in their own words what they did how they all did it. In fact, recently, a friend of mine discovered that he could make money abroad from serviced apartments.

I’ll teach you exactly what I did, what problems I ran into and I’ll give you the exact tools that we have polished and perfected  Starting with how to systematically conduct yourself to succeed in making money abroad, from correctly writing emails to clients, templates, signing contracts and things to beware of.

We’ll tell you in gory detail, all the good, the bad, the easy, the fun, the difficult  and the miserable.
Nothing will be left out or sugar coated.

You’ll see from a real living insider’s perspective how to make a successful service department business overseas.  I’m not the richest guy in the world by no means,  I’m not Bill Gates. I’m a real guy who discovered a standardized, sytematic system that has created six figure income for me and many of my friends.

I’m teaching this because I know there’s no way for me to take advantage of all the opportunities, the best I can do is to show you how you can do it and together, we can succeed in attacking this exploding opportunity making money abroad.

Massive offshore gas discoveries in East Africa: Skilled Workers Needed Fast!


Big gas threatens American, Australian and Canadian export desires…

Now the new player in the liquid natural gas export game is East Africa.
Even Shell may be rethinking their plans for Canada as projects are
very expensive, progress is slow and cost overruns are an issue.

East African has over 37 International Oil and Gas Companies licensed
in the region. It has been thought there are over 2 billion barrels of
oil in place and 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Shell, the huge American drilling giant Apache and steel billionaire
Lakshmi Mittal  have all jumped on board in the latest discovery of
huge finds of off the coast of  Tanzania and Mozambique.

Estimated amounts are large  enough to supply France,
Germany, Britain and Italy for a period of time.

What does this mean for the everyday person? Lot’s of opportunity.

Search for “construction workers needed in Africa”
the answer should say:
We wish to invite experienced, skilled and qualified expatriates.

Now that is just construction, they will need tons Tig, Mig & Arc welders for sure!

Where are the high paying jobs? In the Oil and Gas Industry of course!

Lot’s of pipeline to be built and along with it will come heavy equipment operators,
drillers, steel workers, pipe-fitters, steamfitters, pressure fitters, pipeliners,
land surveyors, pilots, geotech’s, geologist’s, chefs, cooks, camp workers,
laborers, engineers, foremen, ecologists, first aiders, & several other
skilled workers will be needed, very soon, to design, develop projects,
with professionals who have the experience in the gas & oil industry.

What other jobs pay over $100 a day (all living expenses paid)
or more for an entry level job, with no experience required?

Wouldn’t you like to make money lots of cash abroad and work outdoors?

If that sounds like you,  Africa just may just be it!

Making money abroad is more than just trying to set up a franchise that sells
chicken in Asia. The news today is Africa. It is the place to be to offer your
trade or services for the huge projects planned in Africa. Don’t miss your
chance for you to make it big. They will need logistics, services, foreign
investors, whole living communities need to be built.

The workers will need to live, eat and work with a lot of comforts and
you could be the one that provides those services and big ticket items
that they will spend there money on.

The local economy will benefit alongside as they too will be eager
to learn about these  new business, products and services which
will be catering to their needs, too.

Making money abroad is where the action is. Be a part of the action,
let us us help you every step of the way to succeed in Africa & elsewhere.

Be smart, challenge yourself in our brave new socially networked world & it’ll pay off big.


Did you know that over 52 million workers in America today that have
“telecommute-compatible jobs” and that one in five workers around
the globe, which is nearly 10% of the world’s workforce, works from
home every single day?

Telecommuting is not new and has been around since 1972,
would you believe. Today, it usually involve information technologies,
a reasonably good Internet connection, a half descent computer,
you are able to work anywhere here in the world.

The old idea of bringing the workers to the workplace and packing them into cubicles,
is on the way out as offices are slowly loosing their purpose, now that  beyond the
reality that important meetings can sometimes be quite useful.

To combat this American’s are jumping at the opportunities that are becoming more
and more prevalent these days as almost 3 million workers (not self employed)
do work from home full time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
the median wage for IT professionals is $115,780 per year and growing
18% from now till 2020.

Yet, it is not just for the pay, either way, some will choose telecommuting in so that they develop
a stronger bond which will pay off later, especially for the busy parent who is not home all the time.

American’s have fewer jobs today then when the president took office 4 years ago…

Traditional jobs are gone.

We are in an age of the new socially networked savvy professional, he or she uses a lot more sophisticated
techniques to earn a living wage today and chances are they may not be even American.

Citizenship knows no borders when it comes to making money abroad.
It’s become an open market for people who work from home.

Our old ways of thinking need to change as the middle and upper income jobs were lost forever
and won’t come back anytime soon. We can’t expect service jobs, jobs in construction,
sales and service jobs to be a permanent solution to a big problem workers will
need look around the word for the solution and not expect the government
not be the barometer of employment.

At Making Money abroad, we are here to give you the straight goods and candy coat anything.
Fore several years, a lot work that was done back home is in the Philippines and India…
High quality, efficient work and for 1/3 of the cost.

To work today, workers must be more mobile, flexible, efficient, skilled and hopefully have
a few languages under their belt. It is somewhat understandable whey the US is in the
situation that is today, times have changed a lot in 4 yrs, imagine 4 years from now?

Were you aware that the US has the highest marginal corporate income tax rate in the world?

The US also has the most progressive tax structure with not only the low income earners
getting taxed severely, the top income earners are also having problems with their
earnings shaved down by taxes.

The everyday person has less and less choices today as we face the new way of doing business.
The old paradigm has changed. Now is the time for real change and to learn quickly.
It all starts with a willingness, an open mind and desire to be a part of this
brave new socially networked, world.

Are ready for this? Do you have the knowledge, the flexibility,
the desire to learn more about the Make Money Abroad phenomenon
that is permeating almost every corner of the world?

You may think, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this before, another get rich scheme. I heard it all before.

Or even, I can’t do this, that’s not me. I can’t see myself doing that..

You may not even know where to start and we’re here to help you.
What ever worked for you years ago does not work now in the
new socially interconnected, knowledge centric world we live in.

It’s now time to stop thinking what worked for you, years ago and
start become aware of the new reality you are living in.

Being born in North America has a lot of advantages and many disadvantages.
One of the disadvantages is the shear size of the continent, it’s hard to get around,
get things done and can cause a lot of stress for some if they don’t have a car,
a house in the suburbs and all the toys parked in the driveway…

Many of us have friends, people we went to high school with and family are there,
living close by, we feel obligated by many things and it is hard to break free of that way of living.

It’s very convenient, isn’t it? So, many of us at some point will succumb to a dead end job
and compromise our dreams, thinking there are no other alternatives, not knowing that
there are many, just waiting for you, if you have the right direction, determination and
somce certain skills to market yourself, the world truly is your oyster.

Isn’t it time to say to yourself; “I’m not satisfied with this way of living, I want to live out my dreams
and I’m tired of waiting for work to come to me, I’ll go where the work needs me, I’m not going to
limit myself, either!”

If you don’t want to be Joe Average, continues working at an underpaid,
under-challenged, uneventful life as it is, maybe you should think about
that there are opportunities for you that you don’t even know exist.

We’re here to help you, help yourself learn about new ways to make
money abroad with a proven method that works.

At Making Money Abroad, we will guide you, step by step
through the process of earning a living overseas and it
may just be easier than you think.

Think of all the possibilities and double them, think
differently, be open to new opportunities from around
the world and it will be just a matter of time before you
are working wherever you want, from your home in
Ohio, Kansas, California or in Brazil even!

Live & Work Anywhere in The World.


Your friends are still going to that same bar every weekend, the same place where you play pool, hang out and talk about your ex.

You don’t look forward to going to work on Monday as it isn’t exactly the career you’d hoped for, selling some useless electronics to people who just don’t want to buy…

What are you doing? You went to university got your diploma and just can’t understand why everyone but me, is going overseas.

How do they do it? It’s not too difficult to understand that you do need to have some money, time and what about all my “stuff”?

Have you ever thought that making money abroad is at all possible?

One of your friends you keep in touch with on skype talks all the time about how great the weather is, the sand, the beach and even how cheap everything is compared to back home.

Yeah, that’s not me. Now is not the time be irresponsible, I just got promoted. I’m the new manager at Franks Electronics and Frank just gave me a pretty descent pay raise.

I’ve got to start thinking about my future,  saving my money, not wasting it on traveling around like my backpacker friends from college do. That’s definitely not me.

Did you know that American’s, between 18 and 30 can work in Australia for up to a year,& Canada, offers a visa valid for
up to 24 months?

Imagine working and surfing or skiing, partying and getting paid do it!

Even France, Ireland, Singapore & New Zealand have similar programs where if you are under 30, you can legally work,
not volunteer or intern and make good money abroad
and have tons of fun doing it!

So, if you have a valid passport, proof of funds (depends on which country exactly how much) and a suitcase, you can do it.

Live just about anywhere. If you speak English, you are at an advantage, knowing a second language will seperate you from
the rest of the pack though.

At making money abroad, we can help you get that connection, network with future employers, help you decide what kind of work you’d like to do and be there every step of the way, we have an experienced team of seasoned expats here to help.

Follow your dreams, never give up and take the opportunities when they come, before you know it, you’re over 30 and the chance will disappear forever. Live a life with no regret.

Be smart, make money abroad while you’re having fun at the same time, seeing new places and meeting new friends for life.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


You’ve done all the right things,
studied hard,
went without,
didn’t party,
got into debt,
worked part time,
you wonder how you did it, but you really did it.

You’ve graduated and are starting to have a sinking feeling…

Now comes that dreaded moment…

Who’s going to hire me?

You are supposed to leave school with your degree in your
hand and get that bad ass career you worked so hard for.

It’s tough when you think about what are your options.

All you can see a big fat zero.

It doesn’t help that all your friends in the same boat.
Some move away, others keep their job as a barista,
a server or even a sales associate at a major
chain store, you know the one I’m talking about.

You shake your head…
Is this what it’s come down to?

What happened, when you were high school
, times were really good.

Now everything seems upside down.

When you were growing up, all you heard about was
that price of homes and real estate was a sure thing.

China was on the radar as next rising giant.

The news was grim sometimes  but as far as the economy,
it wasn’t bad as far…

Today you see on the news that:

“The unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-olds remained at a high of 13.2 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor”.

Yeah,  tell me something I don’t know,
you mumble to yourself…

One of your friends says that he’s going to be an intern in China because he wants to improve on his language skills
that he’s been studying so hard, the past 4 years..

That’s not for me. And hey, besides that, interns don’t get paid (many pay their way for the whole internships).
I can’t speak Chinese anyway…

Turn that internship into an opportunity and not just a random holiday that you put on your resume.
It is an awesome chance for you to harness your skills and make money abroad, believe it or not.

According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges
& Employers, 42% of all new hires came from internships.

It’s like a test drive for employers,
they want to see what kind of person you are,
how you carry yourself, and what kind of ethics you have.

Are you someone who can take direction?

If you haven’t graduated yet and are wondering if
internships are all about, start looking now.

Look for a company where you can see yourself and be a
“good fit” for you and the employer & be prepared to work hard.
Remember, you got to stand out from the crowd.

Be on time, clean and presentable.

Have a look at the corporate website for information about that company. Learn that each company has it’s history,the type of business it does, it’s competitors & the image it’s employees
give off.

Suzanne Helbig, assistant director of the career center at the University of California, Berkeley says;

“This is your chance to make a really great impression, and you can ruin that by doing things like being late or doing shoddy work” .

You may want to stop using your own personal account at work on social networks.

“You want to be a person that people want to work with,
so when they’re thinking about full-time hiring,
you rise to the top of the list,”
Helberg says.

The internship is the new interview, the place to show
your best side, a chance to create excellent networks
between people like yourself and a really awesome
experience abroad.

At make money abroad, we can help you, step by step with the questions about internships, jobs, and careers overseas.

Even languages…

We know what you need to know when are
making that decision to take the leap forward.

Are you burned out, stressed out and just sick and tired of the corporate lifestyle?


We have never seen the degree of stress that we have today.

In the US today, stress levels have skyrocketed phenomenally.

A Carnegie Melon study that was done between 1983 and 2009, found that our stress levels have gone up considerably…

Stress has gone up by more than 18% for women and 23% for men respectively.

What are smart people doing about it?

They are saying goodbye to the corporate life and choosing a life where they can work from home.

In a recent study, it was found that more than 3 million U.S. workers
(not self-employed) work from home full time & another 52 million
workers have jobs that are telecommute-compatible jobs.

If your home can be anywhere, have you ever thought about making money abroad?

We don’t need to work in a place that we don’t want.

Even in these troubled economic times, strange things happen and great ideas seem to flourish.

People get much more creative. You can see start ups are everywhere.

It may seem like a long time ago, but lets look at the 1970’s as perfect example of a bad economy.

Photocopiers, video games, LCD screens, the video casette (who remembers them?),
ethernet, spreadsheets (the forerunner of Excel), the walkman, the cellphone,
the artificial heart and not to mention the free flow of music
& ideas that were flourishing at that time.

The impact was unbelievable as you can see the results everywhere today with the offshoots
of those ideas. The 70’s were supposed to be a time of “stagflation”.

It is sometimes described when the inflation rate is high,
the economic growth rate slows down, and unemployment remains steadily high.

Bad times, right?

Looking back at just those few things listed above, you wouldn’t think it was so bad after all.

Can you imagine if we had a life without the cell phone, apple computers and LCD screens?

Now these times may not be exactly those times of stagflation…
Times are always in flux.

Don’t be fooled by what is viewed by many as “bad economic times”.

Just think about the endless possibilities!

You can build a business online, go anywhere, get ticket for trains, planes,
or whatever anytime of the day, 365 days a year from a location,
anywhere there is a half descent internet connection.

Your life can exist on the cloud today, it your “stuff” can be digitized
and uploaded and seen from anywhere, safely.

Aren’t you tired of old way of doing things and wanting something new, a new beginning, a new start in life?

Stop listening to naysayers, tell yourself, I deserve a fresh start!

Hey, why not make money abroad? Why just settle for telecommuting from home?

Kick it up a notch, take your great ideas abroad and keep dreaming the dream.

Make your dream a reality and make your new home here at  make money abroad
and don’t worry becausewe will be with every step of way.

New Beginnings! New Friends! New Experiences!


Where are all the smart kids? According to a recent university made on students at the Ukrainian and the Swedish university in March 2011,  all the smart kids are overseas…

Surprised? The driving force behind it all was the fun factor.
They didn’t want to immigrate, tear up their passport, run and hide..

No, they want to make money abroad because it’s fun having new experiences,
making new friends and starting something new.

Maybe they want to be a part of an internet start up in Bali so that they can
surf, meet new friends and network with a would be future app designer in silicon valley..

Others may export goods from their new found country back to the US, become a business
liaison, become a freelance blogger and start a new business, maybe even brick & mortar,

So, if you’re wondering where all the smart people went, get your ticket, grab your passport,
take a bit of cash (have an internationally recognized bank account) and go and make money

Travel the road less traveled, explore where no one has gone before and be the trail blazer,
you’ve always known you had in you but haven’t let out yet.

We can show you in an easy, step by step system of techniques, designed by people like you
for you in mind. We take the worry out of everything so you can have a lot of fun, getting
those experiences, new businesses off the ground with cash in your hand within a very
short time.

Welcome to your future. Make money abroad!