Average Joe from Canada is no longer average, he’s making money overseas & having the time of his life in Shanghai!


Are you sitting in front of your computer, wondering why you live such a quiet life, uneventful and everything predictable? Are you looking forward to tomorrows commute from the ‘burbs to the city, that long 1 hr crawl each way, wondering if this is it? Is this all there is to life?

Wonder no longer. Have a look at the people who were just like you. Working at job that “just pays
the bills” to keep a roof over your head. Nothing special, really. Not rich and not poor just getting by.

I was just like you. An average Joe from Canada. I went where the work was, I worked in the oil patch and had the opportunity to make big money, if I could handle that way of life. No real friends, nothing to write home about, freezing my butt off in the winter working on the pipeline up north. Now guess where I am?

I’m in Shanghai, China. Living the dream, I always wanted, meeting new people, making real friends and beginning to enjoy life. That’s making money abroad.  In the next article, I will go into the steps I made to get from being stuck in a dead end job as a surveyor on the pipeline to taking the big leap, setting up my life here in Shanghai and finally go into great detail about the money making opportunities that are seemingly endless over here. Why not take the next step? Make Money Abroad!


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