Be smart, challenge yourself in our brave new socially networked world & it’ll pay off big.


Did you know that over 52 million workers in America today that have
“telecommute-compatible jobs” and that one in five workers around
the globe, which is nearly 10% of the world’s workforce, works from
home every single day?

Telecommuting is not new and has been around since 1972,
would you believe. Today, it usually involve information technologies,
a reasonably good Internet connection, a half descent computer,
you are able to work anywhere here in the world.

The old idea of bringing the workers to the workplace and packing them into cubicles,
is on the way out as offices are slowly loosing their purpose, now that  beyond the
reality that important meetings can sometimes be quite useful.

To combat this American’s are jumping at the opportunities that are becoming more
and more prevalent these days as almost 3 million workers (not self employed)
do work from home full time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
the median wage for IT professionals is $115,780 per year and growing
18% from now till 2020.

Yet, it is not just for the pay, either way, some will choose telecommuting in so that they develop
a stronger bond which will pay off later, especially for the busy parent who is not home all the time.

American’s have fewer jobs today then when the president took office 4 years ago…

Traditional jobs are gone.

We are in an age of the new socially networked savvy professional, he or she uses a lot more sophisticated
techniques to earn a living wage today and chances are they may not be even American.

Citizenship knows no borders when it comes to making money abroad.
It’s become an open market for people who work from home.

Our old ways of thinking need to change as the middle and upper income jobs were lost forever
and won’t come back anytime soon. We can’t expect service jobs, jobs in construction,
sales and service jobs to be a permanent solution to a big problem workers will
need look around the word for the solution and not expect the government
not be the barometer of employment.

At Making Money abroad, we are here to give you the straight goods and candy coat anything.
Fore several years, a lot work that was done back home is in the Philippines and India…
High quality, efficient work and for 1/3 of the cost.

To work today, workers must be more mobile, flexible, efficient, skilled and hopefully have
a few languages under their belt. It is somewhat understandable whey the US is in the
situation that is today, times have changed a lot in 4 yrs, imagine 4 years from now?

Were you aware that the US has the highest marginal corporate income tax rate in the world?

The US also has the most progressive tax structure with not only the low income earners
getting taxed severely, the top income earners are also having problems with their
earnings shaved down by taxes.

The everyday person has less and less choices today as we face the new way of doing business.
The old paradigm has changed. Now is the time for real change and to learn quickly.
It all starts with a willingness, an open mind and desire to be a part of this
brave new socially networked, world.

Are ready for this? Do you have the knowledge, the flexibility,
the desire to learn more about the Make Money Abroad phenomenon
that is permeating almost every corner of the world?

You may think, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this before, another get rich scheme. I heard it all before.

Or even, I can’t do this, that’s not me. I can’t see myself doing that..

You may not even know where to start and we’re here to help you.
What ever worked for you years ago does not work now in the
new socially interconnected, knowledge centric world we live in.

It’s now time to stop thinking what worked for you, years ago and
start become aware of the new reality you are living in.

Being born in North America has a lot of advantages and many disadvantages.
One of the disadvantages is the shear size of the continent, it’s hard to get around,
get things done and can cause a lot of stress for some if they don’t have a car,
a house in the suburbs and all the toys parked in the driveway…

Many of us have friends, people we went to high school with and family are there,
living close by, we feel obligated by many things and it is hard to break free of that way of living.

It’s very convenient, isn’t it? So, many of us at some point will succumb to a dead end job
and compromise our dreams, thinking there are no other alternatives, not knowing that
there are many, just waiting for you, if you have the right direction, determination and
somce certain skills to market yourself, the world truly is your oyster.

Isn’t it time to say to yourself; “I’m not satisfied with this way of living, I want to live out my dreams
and I’m tired of waiting for work to come to me, I’ll go where the work needs me, I’m not going to
limit myself, either!”

If you don’t want to be Joe Average, continues working at an underpaid,
under-challenged, uneventful life as it is, maybe you should think about
that there are opportunities for you that you don’t even know exist.

We’re here to help you, help yourself learn about new ways to make
money abroad with a proven method that works.

At Making Money Abroad, we will guide you, step by step
through the process of earning a living overseas and it
may just be easier than you think.

Think of all the possibilities and double them, think
differently, be open to new opportunities from around
the world and it will be just a matter of time before you
are working wherever you want, from your home in
Ohio, Kansas, California or in Brazil even!


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