Is Making Money Abroad a “get rich” scam?!?


Uh, no. Is earning a living in the US or Canada “a scam”?  Earning a living, paying your bills, or building a company is all about succeeding.  Being a producer.  A provider.  A do-er.  In our first series, “Serviced Apartment Secrets” we will teach you every aspect of making a living overseas. Either off-line or online starting a business or working as an employee every aspect in every way of looking at making money outside your home country.

I will teach you how to set up the company and integrate both the online portion CRM accounting to your website with either WordPress autoresponder, email sequences and newsletters picking your niche. I will also help you evaluate markets abroad to see where your skills can be used to build the business in this new environment. I will help you to map out the current market as it relates to your skills and how to get how to see opportunities that you likely wouldn’t have seen on your own.

We will analyze, in depth, the history of North American’s going abroad and the sheer futility of much of their experiences.  We will also analyze the successes and failures of businesses abroad, see why they happened, how they picked up the pieces and figure out what we can use from their successes and failures.

We look at many different people that are successful overseas, a few failures and analyze in-depth how they became this way, what they did right, what they did wrong and from a hard-core insider’s perspective that you never see.

You will get opportunities to ask questions in our webinars and we will help you evaluate not just from a theoretical perspective but from a hands-on real-time right now, entrepreneurs perspective.

I will teach you how to take your existing knowledge and skills and sharpen them, even if you’re not the head programmer at Google! We will look at different business models both online and off-line and sales oriented. We’ll be using some of the latest technology tools, some available for free, others will be at a very low cost. Most importantly, I want to help you take your off-line skills, your people skills, your business skills, networking skills and your sales skills, to use them effectively in building a legitimate business overseas.


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