Live & Work Anywhere in The World.


Your friends are still going to that same bar every weekend, the same place where you play pool, hang out and talk about your ex.

You don’t look forward to going to work on Monday as it isn’t exactly the career you’d hoped for, selling some useless electronics to people who just don’t want to buy…

What are you doing? You went to university got your diploma and just can’t understand why everyone but me, is going overseas.

How do they do it? It’s not too difficult to understand that you do need to have some money, time and what about all my “stuff”?

Have you ever thought that making money abroad is at all possible?

One of your friends you keep in touch with on skype talks all the time about how great the weather is, the sand, the beach and even how cheap everything is compared to back home.

Yeah, that’s not me. Now is not the time be irresponsible, I just got promoted. I’m the new manager at Franks Electronics and Frank just gave me a pretty descent pay raise.

I’ve got to start thinking about my future,  saving my money, not wasting it on traveling around like my backpacker friends from college do. That’s definitely not me.

Did you know that American’s, between 18 and 30 can work in Australia for up to a year,& Canada, offers a visa valid for
up to 24 months?

Imagine working and surfing or skiing, partying and getting paid do it!

Even France, Ireland, Singapore & New Zealand have similar programs where if you are under 30, you can legally work,
not volunteer or intern and make good money abroad
and have tons of fun doing it!

So, if you have a valid passport, proof of funds (depends on which country exactly how much) and a suitcase, you can do it.

Live just about anywhere. If you speak English, you are at an advantage, knowing a second language will seperate you from
the rest of the pack though.

At making money abroad, we can help you get that connection, network with future employers, help you decide what kind of work you’d like to do and be there every step of the way, we have an experienced team of seasoned expats here to help.

Follow your dreams, never give up and take the opportunities when they come, before you know it, you’re over 30 and the chance will disappear forever. Live a life with no regret.

Be smart, make money abroad while you’re having fun at the same time, seeing new places and meeting new friends for life.


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