Massive offshore gas discoveries in East Africa: Skilled Workers Needed Fast!


Big gas threatens American, Australian and Canadian export desires…

Now the new player in the liquid natural gas export game is East Africa.
Even Shell may be rethinking their plans for Canada as projects are
very expensive, progress is slow and cost overruns are an issue.

East African has over 37 International Oil and Gas Companies licensed
in the region. It has been thought there are over 2 billion barrels of
oil in place and 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Shell, the huge American drilling giant Apache and steel billionaire
Lakshmi Mittal  have all jumped on board in the latest discovery of
huge finds of off the coast of  Tanzania and Mozambique.

Estimated amounts are large  enough to supply France,
Germany, Britain and Italy for a period of time.

What does this mean for the everyday person? Lot’s of opportunity.

Search for “construction workers needed in Africa”
the answer should say:
We wish to invite experienced, skilled and qualified expatriates.

Now that is just construction, they will need tons Tig, Mig & Arc welders for sure!

Where are the high paying jobs? In the Oil and Gas Industry of course!

Lot’s of pipeline to be built and along with it will come heavy equipment operators,
drillers, steel workers, pipe-fitters, steamfitters, pressure fitters, pipeliners,
land surveyors, pilots, geotech’s, geologist’s, chefs, cooks, camp workers,
laborers, engineers, foremen, ecologists, first aiders, & several other
skilled workers will be needed, very soon, to design, develop projects,
with professionals who have the experience in the gas & oil industry.

What other jobs pay over $100 a day (all living expenses paid)
or more for an entry level job, with no experience required?

Wouldn’t you like to make money lots of cash abroad and work outdoors?

If that sounds like you,  Africa just may just be it!

Making money abroad is more than just trying to set up a franchise that sells
chicken in Asia. The news today is Africa. It is the place to be to offer your
trade or services for the huge projects planned in Africa. Don’t miss your
chance for you to make it big. They will need logistics, services, foreign
investors, whole living communities need to be built.

The workers will need to live, eat and work with a lot of comforts and
you could be the one that provides those services and big ticket items
that they will spend there money on.

The local economy will benefit alongside as they too will be eager
to learn about these  new business, products and services which
will be catering to their needs, too.

Making money abroad is where the action is. Be a part of the action,
let us us help you every step of the way to succeed in Africa & elsewhere.


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