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Starting a business in Asia, what greater opportunity than now.


Here’s a way you can use your existing skills to make money abroad.
Maybe you want to cut your costs, have fun and start living the life you
always wanted.

Make your dream a reality anywhere in the world as a highly paid freelancer.
The best part is you don’t need a pile of cash to get started. Take your existing
skills and bring them to the market place.

I heard of a guy who moved to Mexico and didn’t really realize how long it would
it take to get his life in order. It took 6 months. He no longer had to pay for parking,
breath in all that bad air and go crazy driving back and forth of work.

Earn a mobile income. If you have good computer and good internet connection, you
can go anywhere you want. Whether you are a writer, photographer, teacher or specialist.

A freelancer is your back up right now, isn’t it. You know you could be your own boss, you
decide how much money you want to make, how many hours, how much freetime and where
you want to live. You may be good at cutting hair, massage, painting, teaching English or
whatever can be done with very little savings, with the skills you already have.

You may be living somewhere where the job situation is still horrible, that may be even a
greater reason to take the skills you already have to work in the global marketplace.
In job and project networks, some have 50, 000 postings, a day.

Your age and experience don’t matter, you could put in a few hours a day or more,
some people are traveling around North America, some are already overseas.

We’ll show you, step by step, how to tap into the virtual business’s all out there without
getting bogged down in all the technical stuff. Why waist time? We will give you the tools
and information at your fingertips from people, to bid, win, deliver your skills or products
in very little time.

It’s a powerful thing being location independent, freelancing and having fun where you want.

Why wait any longer? Work anywhere in the world today.


Have you had enough of the rat race, the 40+ hr work week that we call modernity?

Does it really matter if you have a picket fence, a car in the driveway which costs
an upward of over $10, 000 just keep it maintained, let alone insurance premiums…

You are saying to yourself, what is this all about anyway?

Why do we have to live this way? No reason, really.

Truth is… You don’t. If you are anywhere in the free world today, somewhere in North America,
The U.K., Australia or New Zealand even, you have a lot going for you.

Your passport gives you a lot of privileges and that fact you come from an English
speaking country is even a greater benefit, one that you least imagined,
can come in handy when you venture abroad.

Even if you don’t have a big chunk of cash, you can still live abroad,
make money and have the time of your life.

You don’t need years of specialized training.

One easy solution is to earn an income from people back in the U.S.,
while you go live someplace cool, you know, where the cost of living is 1/2
of what you’re paying now, earning the same or more than you are getting today.

Sounds like a dream? It’s not. It’s being done by people like you, everyday.
More and more people who have learned that life passing them by if they don’t catch this wave soon.

You could have an online store, sourcing items in China, South America or Vietnam.
It doesn’t take that much money to get started.

A lot can be done by people in the country you’re in, say if you’re in the Phillipines for example…

They are famous for good quality, tech savvy, IT guys,
people who you can depend on with very little outlay.

The traditional jobs are still there but require some certification or degree.

English teaching is most likely the easiest job to obtain, next to working in a bar or hotel, possibly.

So, don’t give in to the quiet life that you’re having now, come and have fun in the sun,
make new friends & live where you want, how you want, like you want.

Man who dyes his beard red famous in Asia:


Grant Buchwald, over 20 yrs in Japan & China as a freelance commercial photographer. It wasn’t always that way, Grant was given the name “redbeard” because he dyed his beard red “I get hired to photograph their events all over China and Japan,” he said. “They use me because they know I’m going to get good head shots of people having  an awesome  time in front of their company logo, so anybody who sees my pictures will say, that was a great time! Likewise, his beard is his own personal branding of sorts, his trademark since coming to Asia.

Average Joe from Canada is no longer average, he’s making money overseas & having the time of his life in Shanghai!


Are you sitting in front of your computer, wondering why you live such a quiet life, uneventful and everything predictable? Are you looking forward to tomorrows commute from the ‘burbs to the city, that long 1 hr crawl each way, wondering if this is it? Is this all there is to life?

Wonder no longer. Have a look at the people who were just like you. Working at job that “just pays
the bills” to keep a roof over your head. Nothing special, really. Not rich and not poor just getting by.

I was just like you. An average Joe from Canada. I went where the work was, I worked in the oil patch and had the opportunity to make big money, if I could handle that way of life. No real friends, nothing to write home about, freezing my butt off in the winter working on the pipeline up north. Now guess where I am?

I’m in Shanghai, China. Living the dream, I always wanted, meeting new people, making real friends and beginning to enjoy life. That’s making money abroad.  In the next article, I will go into the steps I made to get from being stuck in a dead end job as a surveyor on the pipeline to taking the big leap, setting up my life here in Shanghai and finally go into great detail about the money making opportunities that are seemingly endless over here. Why not take the next step? Make Money Abroad!