Why doesn’t anyone teach me how to make money abroad?


So, I looked 1 million times online at different websites telling me how I can live overseas and I can live on the beach, I can go to the mountains, I can win a dance contest in Rio de Janeiro, I can do just about everything!
Except make money….

Really, I’m not kidding, there’s something for everyone. There are dance lessons, courses on on how to appreciate the history of different places, how to properly exchange business cards in China, how to bow in Japan (a 45 degree bow is not always needed), how to say different words in different languages.

There’s even classes on a how to dress properly in Islamic countries, there’s how to dress for business, business etiquette courses, cooking courses, how to retire overseas,
there is how to spend money, there’s how to spend as little money as possible…

But there’s one huge gaping hole, that is the basic topic of: “How to make a living abroad”….
A little backgrounder on me, I’ve been successfully making a living abroad for 23 years in Asia.
I have been a very successful recruiter in Tokyo, an investment banker and entrepreneur
in both Japan & China. I am fluent in Chinese, Japanese and can get by in Swedish.

I created this blog as a testiment to that as well as I hope that I can
pass on my skils to you, in less time, without waiting 23 years to do it and yes,
It makes me feel good to give back.

I know about all the doubters and naysayers, like the one that says:
Yeah she can’t make money abroad! Ha, ha…

Yes, that’s where I come in, I’m here to change that for you, working abroad is not a pipe dream,
it’s the real deal, not impossible and I’m not here to tell you pack of lies either,
it’s not going to be a pushbutton-auto-pilot-system.

My system is more than that.

You can take your knowledge, your skills and use them overseas. Whether you’re a highly skilled technical person and sufficiency in IT, or a low-tech person with perhaps a high degree of people skills, sales skills, business skills and life experience. These things are very valuable and in some cases much more valuable abroad than where you live currently. You won’t believe the opportunities overseas that is just waiting for you and most likely haven’t even dreamed about are just within reach.

You’ll meet the players, the people who succeeded and the one’s that didn’t. I’ll teach you in their own words what they did how they all did it. In fact, recently, a friend of mine discovered that he could make money abroad from serviced apartments.

I’ll teach you exactly what I did, what problems I ran into and I’ll give you the exact tools that we have polished and perfected  Starting with how to systematically conduct yourself to succeed in making money abroad, from correctly writing emails to clients, templates, signing contracts and things to beware of.

We’ll tell you in gory detail, all the good, the bad, the easy, the fun, the difficult  and the miserable.
Nothing will be left out or sugar coated.

You’ll see from a real living insider’s perspective how to make a successful service department business overseas.  I’m not the richest guy in the world by no means,  I’m not Bill Gates. I’m a real guy who discovered a standardized, sytematic system that has created six figure income for me and many of my friends.

I’m teaching this because I know there’s no way for me to take advantage of all the opportunities, the best I can do is to show you how you can do it and together, we can succeed in attacking this exploding opportunity making money abroad.


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