Why my life is way more interesting since I left Canada…


Yes, I admit, that’s a bold statement. Living in North America, we have it easy, really.

Life is pretty much on autopilot, both the U.S. & Canada are leading immigrant countries and continue to be because of our welcoming society that even with it’s quirks and hickups that may be there, we do have one of the highest standards of living, a huge landscape of super beautiful places to visit both in nature and it’s vastness,
North America has it all….

Or does it? That is why I’m here, I grew up on the west coast of Canada and woke up to seeing the coastal mountains everyday, ski hills, lakes, rivers (that nobody thinks twice about swimming in) and of course the sea and beach being just 1/2 to an hr away depending on where you’re coming from.

The Chinese nicknamed Vancouver; “Gold Mountain”, The name “Gold Mountain” was initially applied to California. In the latter part of the 19th century, however, British Columbia also became known as: “Gold Mountain” following the discovery of gold in the Fraser Canyon in the 1850s with the immigration of Chinese settlers in British Columbia.

Where is my Gold Mountain? It’s in Shanghai, China. The opportunities to learn every single day something new daily, network with people, meet new friends and go to
places I can only dream about have come true in just 2 short months.

So far, I’ve met at least 1 new business person every day since I’ve been here,
I’ve seen not the same thing twice and walked around Shanghai and still
enjoy getting lost, it’s such an exciting city!

Last week, I was in the ancient capital of Xi’an (home of the Terra Cotta Warriors) and Tienjen. Would have never thought of finding myself with such high caliber people and cool places in such short time.

China sure is the new bohemian capital, the coolest place to be, right now.


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